Garden Retreat is ready!

Some dreams take longer to build… but they are well worth waiting for!

After rather lengthy four months, with a few ups and downs, my old, spider- clad shed has been IMG_6741transformed into truly tranquil and relaxing space!

Under a huge tree, away from it all, I have now opened for you this little treatment room, where you can relax, restore and bring yourself to balance with a massage or a facial.

It’s been my dream to create this space with my exact specification ( big thanks to my builder for his huge patience:) and I’m truly enjoying working here and relaxing afterwards.

I believe it has a good energy as anyone who comes, just relaxes right away! It’s November already and my lovely tree above the skylight lost most of its leaves, still it’s nice to look at a bright sky or rain falling down when you are warm and pampered.

I have slightly different arrangement for my Ashiatsu Barefoot massage, with treatments being done on the table, not on the floor mat as in Utopia studio, but that only adds to your comfort.

I will be also adding new treatments soon, but I will save these news for another post…

Hope to see you soon in my Garden Retreat!