Welcome to MK Therapies where your body's recovery and equilibrium are the heart of what I do using art of massage, reflexology and other healing modalities.

As a dedicated holistic therapist my practice is centred on providing targeted relief and promoting your body's natural healing processes.

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It’s well known that stress is a major cause of many health problems: pains and aches, heart disease, digestive problems, insomnia, depression, weight problems, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions (eczema) and many others.

My name is Milena Kina and I’m a Holistic and Sports massage therapist offering bespoke massage treatments to help you alleviate muscular aches and pains often caused by postural habits and repetitive strain injuries. Benefits of a massage therapy go beyond simple relaxation, but stress is often the major factor causing havoc in our bodies.

Regular massage sessions can help you feel calmer, more relaxed within your body and mind, but also can help release tension in your muscular system that were causing headaches or insomnia. Remedial massage can be used to prevent or help heal the injury and manage chronic pain conditions.

Your massage session will be uniquely designed to your needs and conditions, that’s why I call my sessions Restorative Massage as I blend the many techniques I have learnt through my practice, choosing those that can be most beneficial to you on the day.

I work by appointment only in Utopia Health & Beauty, East Finchley as well as at my home Garden Retreat in East Barnet, North London.

About Me

Wellness and holistic care has been in my interest since young as I have suffered poor health as teenager.


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Book online for treatment at Utopia Health & Beauty in East Finchley or Garden Retreat in East Barnet.

A wonderful Bare Sole massage – I feel like I have a new back! Milena was able to do in 1 hour with her feet what my osteopath couldn’t do at all. A lovely, friendly person to deal with as well. I’ll certainly be booking again. ?
Thank you Milena!


I was really tired and stressed when I visited Milena. After an hour of wonderful, relaxing yet penetrating deep tissue massage, I felt wonderful ! Milena makes every effort to create a comfortable, warm and calming atmosphere. Care is taken to enhance all of the senses whilst Milena works her magic including soft music, soft lighting and soft aromas of lavender. I will definitely be visiting Bliss 2 Health again very soon.

A. Alboinini


I booked in for a full body massage today with Milena. I would definitely reccomend her. I tend to hold stress in my upper back, shoulders and neck and I left feeling completely relaxed and stress free. Excellent value for money, especially for the area, Would recommend 60 minutes.

F. Barrowclough


I have had a few treatments with Bliss2Health, Hot Bamboo and Balinese massage in particular are absolutely amazing. Milena is highly skilled and always professional...the home visits are exceptionally excellent value, Milena creates a little 'spa environment' in your living room. She provides the ultimate in couch comfort and also brings scented oils and soothing music to create a very relaxing treatment....I thoroughly recommend her.

A. Georgiou

Sales Consultant

After a rather stressful weekend organising an early Xmas dinner for 12, I was definitely in need of a restorative massage. With soothing music playing in the background, Milena gave me an hour long deep tissue massage. When she had finished working her magic, I felt not just relaxed,but revitalised and incredibly destressed.Wonderful. I will certainly recommend her to my friends.

C. Minnis

Business owner

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