This was my first experience of having a private massage, I've been to spas and had express massages before which were always rushed and not relaxing. This was the opposite. You're made to feel relaxed the second you get into the room, Milena has a very professional and relaxing approach, she talks you through what to expect and she's reassuring which was good because I usually felt self-conscious, but you don't with Milena. The massage was wonderful and invigorating as well as deeply relaxing, and I noticed she didn't chat loads like I've experienced with other massages. You drift off into a blissful state and allow her to work your body. The massage lasted an hour but the time went really quickly because it was so great and once you have 1 massage with her, you will definitely go back for more.

S. Appell
Child minder

I was really tired and stressed when I visited Milena. After an hour of wonderful, relaxing yet penetrating deep tissue massage, I felt wonderful ! Milena makes every effort to create a comfortable, warm and calming atmosphere. Care is taken to enhance all of the senses whilst Milena works her magic including soft music, soft lighting and soft aromas of lavender. I will definitely be visiting Bliss 2 Health again very soon.

A. Alboinini

I booked in for a full body massage today with Milena. I would definitely reccomend her. I tend to hold stress in my upper back, shoulders and neck and I left feeling completely relaxed and stress free. Excellent value for money, especially for the area, Would recommend 60 minutes.

F. Barrowclough

I have had a few treatments with Bliss2Health, Hot Bamboo and Balinese massage in particular are absolutely amazing. Milena is highly skilled and always professional...the home visits are exceptionally excellent value, Milena creates a little 'spa environment' in your living room. She provides the ultimate in couch comfort and also brings scented oils and soothing music to create a very relaxing treatment....I thoroughly recommend her.

A. Georgiou
Sales Consultant

I have had a number of different massages from Milena , most recently a deep tissue followed by hot stone, which was absolutely fab. Will definitely have again.

T. Ferguson
Nursery Nurse

After a rather stressful weekend organising an early Xmas dinner for 12, I was definitely in need of a restorative massage. With soothing music playing in the background, Milena gave me an hour long deep tissue massage. When she had finished working her magic, I felt not just relaxed,but revitalised and incredibly destressed.Wonderful. I will certainly recommend her to my friends.

C. Minnis
Business owner

Milena creates a very relaxing environment for enjoying a massage, and I always feel wonderful afterwards, whatever the treatment, highly recommended!

J. Griggs

I've experienced a fantastic new massage therapy with Milena in the form of Ashiatsu BareSole Massage and, have found it to be everything that I've been looking for in a deep tissue massage. Milena's wonderful technique in using her feet is absolutely tremendous and, without any doubt, provides the best massage therapy I've ever experienced. Milena always uses the right amount of pressure to release muscle tension and increase blood circulation and, by using a wide range of detailed techniques during the treatment session, gives me a feeling of being completely energized, invigorated and totally relaxed afterwards. My whole outlook and well-being is much greater now after my treatment sessions with her. I'm now a regular recipient of Ashiatsu BareSole Massage with Milena and, look forward so much to each treatment which I have on a regular monthly basis. I recommend Milena very highly, as not only is she a fantastic and extremely good practitioner, but a most personable lady too and, who always takes great care in making sure that her client is at ease both before and after each treatment session.

Julian Walenczykowski
Database/Research Administrator

From the 1st time I went to Milena I was hooked. I had a Ashiatsu massage. A wonderful experience, unlike any massage. I have been back a few times now. A deep tissue massage with no soreness afterwards. Milena herself is very pleasant and very professional. She knows her craft very well. Makes you feel relaxed. Thank you 10/10. I will be going nowhere else, well worth the travel ?????? Give her a try and trust me you'll be hooked too.

London Underground Fleet Maintenance

What an amazing pair of hands this lady has. I had two massages in late pregnancy and one 7 weeks after birth. I left feeling so relaxed yet opened up at the same time. Beautiful warm room and lovely warm hands, I highly recommend Milena and I will be coming back again and again, thank you!!!

yoga Teacher

I had never had a massage before, but Milena put me at ease immediately. The Garden Retreat is a very special place - so peaceful and relaxing.
During and for days after the massage, I felt so much better.
Definitely 5 Stars for everything!!
Utopia is also very good.
Milena is so friendly and relaxed. She really wants to improve the lives of her customers through her treatment. Book now.

I. T. Professional

If you want to melt away all your aches, pains and eliminate daily stress, then you need to experience Milena’s Ashiatsu BareSole Massage at her amazing Garden Retreat. After my 2-hour treatment I left feeling like I had a brand new body. I have no hesitation in recommending Milena to anyone that wants to experience total relaxation.


A wonderful Bare Sole massage - I feel like I have a new back! Milena was able to do in 1 hour with her feet what my osteopath couldn't do at all. A lovely, friendly person to deal with as well. I'll certainly be booking again. 🙂

Thank you Milena!


When I come to London, I always seek an Ashiatsu treatment with Milena. She is excellent at her contemporary application of this ancient practice. Ashiatsu allows greater possibilities of pleasant pressure to be applied to the body. Seldom do business names describe their enterprise so aptly. My only concern is that her innovation and inevitably growing clientele will make it hard for me to get an appointment in the future.


On the recommendation of friend I visited Milena to see if she could help with my lower back which had been causing me a lot of pain for over a week. To the point that I was having difficulty getting out of my car.

I was seen very promptly (the same day). The Garden Retreat is a lovely warm, clean, calm welcoming venue. I had a detailed and professional discussion about my health and lifestyle as well as my back pain and the appropriate treatment.

I then had a one hour Ashiatsu Baresole massage. Milena took time to ensure I was treated properly, giving me some exercise and stretching suggestions.

I walked out and my back pain had been completely eradicated. I was dancing the next night. Milena followed up the next day to make sure I was OK.

In summary a very professional, welcoming, relaxing , enjoyable and effective experience. I'll be going again and I would recommend to anybody.

William W.
Chartered Surveyor

I have visited Milena at Mk Therapies five or six times now. Mainly for long term issues with my lower back and shoulders, but also now for short term problems, that seem to crop up. She has been an amazing help to me! She offers a range of different massage therapies, and provides a calm, warm and relaxing environment! Which is very pleasant. Every time I see her I feel so much better. I even stopped have regular acupuncture and chiropractic treatment as I felt Milena was more beneficial. During my last visit she offered some stress and anxiety re-leaving therapy which was amazing. I cannot recommend her enough!
I can honestly say that Milena at MK Therapies is the best therapist in North London.


I have had many aches and new pins during my first pregnancy. Milena has been an angel! I have regular scheduled appointments and I honestly can not be more grateful with her help. She always has excellent aftercare advice and tips to share with me and the experience is so personal. I have been getting massages for years- I am a therapist myself and am so pleased to have found someone who understands my personal needs and knows my body. Thank you. Could not recommend MK Therapies more! Wonderful! From a grateful Tammy x x


I recently had my first appointment with Milena for her acclaimed bare-sole ashiatsu massage. Milena herself was very pleasant, professional and respectful and the massage she provided more than lived up to expectations. Using her feet, the deep yet smooth pressure she applied ensured a wonderful, relaxing massage that also relieved much stress and muscular tightness across my upper shoulders, neck and back. She has really mastered her technique and I would recommend Milena to anyone seeking a very effective and relaxing deep tissue massage. I will definitely book myself in for another bare-sole massage next time I am in London. Thanks Milena!


Milena is a first-class therapist. I have no hesitancy in placing my trust in her, whether it’s for an amazing pamper in wonderful surroundings, or if you want treatment after injury. Her knowledge and care are outstanding. I thoroughly recommend her.


I just want to say a big thank you to milena! I’ve seen a few massage therapists in the past but have never felt more at ease than with milena. I’ve been really poorly recently and needed a boost, I’ve visited twice and both times left feeling much more like my self. It was so nice that you took the time to ask me what I wanted and really listen to me! Thank you! I will be back and have recommend you to a few people!

charlie Bannocks

I attended Milena' s seminar in May 2018 and I was trained along with another therapist in Ashiatsu baresole massage.
The room where the course took place was spacious but also homy and very well equipped. There were 2 beds, multiple ropes and bars at the ceiling, plus anything we might need like towels or massage cream, etc (very useful for someone traveling from abroad)
Milena as a trainer is very professional, experienced and informative. Her instructions were always easy to understand and to the point. At the same time she was very humble and good willed. I appreciated that she regarded us as equals and not in an arrogant way. Finally, she allowed us to deviate from the standard protocol and experiment with our own techniques while watching over us and instructing accordingly!
In between the massage sessions we took coffee breaks in her beautiful sunny garden resting a bit and enjoying the great coffee and cookies that she made us herself.
Milena provided us with a very detailed course notebook, which contained useful descriptions, photos and professional advice regarding all the techniques included in the 3-day course.
All in all I am very satisfied with the high quality of Milena's training course and her level of expertise as a massage therapist but also I liked her very much as a person and a host.
I would definitely suggest the experience!!!
Thank you Milena.
Love from Greece.


Hands down the best massages I have ever had. Milena is very professional, personable and an expert at her craft and her Ashiatsu massage is amazing. It covers all the pressure points and sore areas with deep but relaxing pressure. My body feels revialised afterwards and the effect lasts for days after which was an unexpected, but very welcomed bonus. Also recently tried the Reflexology treatment which was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. Would most definitely recommend.

Head of Database & Research

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