Code of Ethics


Code of Ethics, Conduct and Practice

Students who have successfully completed all the course requirements and received certification are required to uphold the professional standards and ethics.

They must:

• Be aware of the contraindication for the barefoot massage and refrain from the treatment when not appropriate
• Understand the limitations of massage and refer clients to appropriate health professionals when necessary
• Represent their qualifications honestly and provide only the services they are qualified to perform
• Provide treatment only where there is reasonable expectation that it will be advantageous to the client
• Conduct their business with honesty, integrity and respect their views and beliefs of their clients in regards to gender, ethnic origins, sexuality, lifestyle, age and social status
• Respect client’s right to refuse or terminate treatment at any time
• Use appropriate draping (as taught during the seminar) throughout the treatment to protect client’s modesty to set boundaries and also taking into account the emotional and cultural background of client
• Not to offer this treatment to anyone under the age of eighteen
• Offer the opportunity of bringing a chaperone to their session

Students must work within their scope of practice and attendance at the training is not equal to having a certificate or a license to teach the modality. Students are not allowed to present or teach any part of this workshop without the consent of the Tutor. This agreement made between Milena Kina (course Tutor) effective on the date signed, indicates that all the information and materials that are provided to you (oral, written, video) are confidential and property of the course tutor.