Deep Tissue MassageJust like there is no “standard” body, I don’t believe in standard or routine massage. I have trained in many massage modalities, from Holistic massage, Sports Massage Level 4, Myofacial release and Eastern and Western styles. Depending on your needs your session will be completely customised, to address them. If it is an injury you need to recover from your treatment will consist more of Deep Tissue and Sports Massage techniques, as they are very effective in treating muscular pain and tension and helping break scar tissue or release patterns that created painful condition. Your session may include cupping or dry needling if suitable.

Sometimes you just want to relax and bring your shoulders down, unwind after stressful time and reconnect with yourself, this is where more holistic techniques would be used. During your consultation your will be asked if you want focused, problem solving treatment ( like just back and shoulder massage, or working on leg injury etc.) or would like a full body massage or would like just back and foot massage etc. It is up to you what would you like to achieve during your session.


Restorative Massage Prices

45min £45
60min £55  (Members £50)
75min £70  (Members£60)
90min £85  (Members £75)

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